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"what does your tattoo mean?"

It means I wanted it so I fucking got it

(via notyourfxckinbabe)

The self confidence you give me daily , is crazy . Never have I ever had a partner so obsessed with my figure . The way your hands slowly caress each and every curve tell me that you’ve never seen a body so beautifully crafted . The way your fingers touch my skin tell me that I’m a hand crafted vase that you don’t even want to risk a scratch . To you , I’m like a masterpiece . Created by God himself . From the scar on my lip , to my birth mark resting on my butt . I’m becoming satisfied with my body . Happy even . From the curve in my smile , to the joy in my eyes . The flaws that rest upon me , to the beating of my heart . Pitter Patter goes my skin every time you touch it . Watching you , watching me get dressed is like you watching the sunrise . The look in your eyes as if you could watch it all day . And if you’d ever try to leave , I’d force you to stay .

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